Our Fleet

We have a modern shipping fleet with more than 150 units ready to provide services to different industries.

What our fleet consists of

We have semitrailers, siders and chassis which can ship any kind of goods. Thanks to the Decree 32/2018, we have made a great investment, and the cargo capacity of our vehicles now exceeds by up to 25% the national average. We currently have the following units:
More than 40 semitrailers, type siders, with side and rear loading with gross cargo capacity of up to 52 tons or 30 positions of Arlog pallet.
More than 80 flat semitrailers of 14.5 or 15.5 meters long with gross cargo capacity of up to 55 tons or 28/30 positions of Arlog pallet. Containers can be loaded on these semitrailers.
Exclusive container ships, with the capacity of two containers of 20 feet and one container of 40 feet.
Eight chassis with trailer, with total gross cargo capacity of up to 55 tons.
Fifteen platforms with side and rear download, six dumping semitrailers, and three chassis units with trailer for dry goods shipping.

We have a Double Truck, the most modern and resistant configuration for cargo transporting by road in Argentina. This configuration is ideal for its low operating costs and its ability to transport up to 75 tons of PBTC with a single tractor.

Technology, Regulations and Sustainability


Every unit is equipped with satellite tracking, allowing us to monitor vehicles on the road, either the drive unit or the trailer regardless of their form. All the units comply with the current requirements of the Resolution 32/2018 of the National Transit Board. Our units have ABS and EBS, based on current requirements.


More than ten years ago, we certified our quality under the ISO 9001 standard, which is a warranty for our management, process and internal procedures. Besides, in July 2018, we renewed our certification with the ISO:9001:2015.


Rigar’s fleet consists of 100% Euro 5 vehicles featuring technology to reduce toxic gases emission and on-board computers enabling a strict gas emission control, specially particle gases, the most hazardous for the environment.
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